File Splitting & Chunking

MySecureFile can support file splitting against all Cloud Providers, although it is not turned on for all. File chunking, or file splitting,serves one main purpose, which is to split files into a chunk of certain sizes so that large files can be uploaded to a storage medium that has restrictions on individual file sizes, such as GMail, Email Providers, Microsoft OneDrive etc.

The basic principle behind splitting files with chunking is that after supplying a filename and extension  file chunking produces a set of output files with a base name and increasing sequential extensions.

If you click on any extension you can choose to download the full file or a chunk (although there should never a need for you to download a chunk only).

There are many places within the MSF Platform that file chunking can beset and there is actually a file chunking hierarchy within our platform. This hierarchy is:

– Global  (System)
– Package (System)
– User account  (user controlled from within the “My Account-> Providers” page)
– Cloud Provider (user controlled from within the settings of each cloud provider)

in which each setting as you move down the hierarchy over-rides the prior.

For example:

Global is set to 100MB.
Package is set to 30MB
User account chunk size is set at ‘0’ (which means use Global)
Provider1 chunksize is 0  (which means use Global)
Provider2 chunksize is 20MB

In this scenario Provider2 has a chunk size of 20MB  and Provider1 has chunk size 30MB

The main thing to remember is that a user can alter Chunk Size in two ways, firstly changing chunking for all cloud providers from the My Accounts -> Providers page, and secondly over-riding this on a per Provider basis by altering the chunk size from the individual Provider settings.