T-Mobile BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Information

To get started using your BYOD device on the T-Mobile network, follow these steps:

Note: The information below is provided as a convenience for our subscribers and is for informational purposes only. For authoritative information, please contact T-Mobile Customer Service directly.

Ensure device compatibility

In order to work on T-Mobile’s network, the device must support one of the following frequencies:
850 MHz (2G)
1900 MHz (2G or 3G / 4G depending on location)
1700/2100 MHz (3G / 4G or LTE depending on location)
The easiest way to confirm compatibility is using Step 1 of the T-Mobile online compatibility checker.
If you are unsure what frequencies your device supports, contact the device manufacturer.

Unlock your device

In order to work on T-Mobile’s network, the device must be SIM unlocked.
T-Mobile is only able to provide SIM subsidy unlocks for devices sold by T-Mobile.
T-Mobile recommends contacting the carrier the device was originally sold on to request an unlock code.

Select the right SIM card

Depending on which device you have, you may need a new SIM card.
Use Step 2 of our online compatibility checker to determine which SIM card you need.
If your device needs a new SIM card, see Buy a SIM card.
To activate a new SIM card:
Visit http://www.t-mobile.com/SIM
Use the automated system at 1-877-234-4299.

Setup internet and picture message settings

When bringing your phone from another carrier, internet and picture message settings need to be configured for T-Mobile’s network.
Some devices are automatically configured for T-Mobile’s network when the SIM is inserted.
If not, you can manually enter the Internet and picture messaging setting.
Note: You may need to contact the device manufacturer to find out where to input the settings in your device.