Configuring Outlook365 for RSS Feeds

Configuring Outlook365 for RSS Feeds

Its simple to use Outlook365 as a feed reader, so that everytime you work with emails you can see new postings to the Atlantic Webs SelfHelp website.

Here are steps to follow:

1. Launch your Outlook software.
2. Select FILE
4. Select the RSS FEEDS Tab.
5. Press the NEW button. In the new feed form, enter the URL feed.php.
6. Press the ADD button.
7. On the RSS Feed Options form, confirm the feed name ATLANTIC WEBS TIPS & TRICKS. Leave all options on the form shown.
8. Press the OK button.
9. Press the CLOSE button.

A new mailbox will be shown in the list of mailboxes. (If you can’t see it at first, the list of mailboxes is sorted alphabetically.)

Expand the RSS FEEDS entry to display a list of feeds. ATLANTIC WEBS TIPS & TRICKS will be at the start of the list. Postings to the site will be shown just like emails.

Note: These notes were tested using Outlook365 ProPlus Version 15.0.4631.1002.

Contact if there are any questions about these instructions.