Installing the Bamboo RSS Reader for Mozilla ThunderBird

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Installing the Bamboo RSS Reader for Mozilla ThunderBird

There are many RSS readers available today, including standalone software, addons to Mozilla ThunderBird. In short, there are dozens of RSS Feed Readers you can use. A number of our sites, including , syndicate their content using the RSS and/or ATOM formats. This installation document is provided to assist you in installing the Bamboo Feed Reader for ThunderBird and for configuring it with the Atlantic Webs Tips and Tricks website.Here are the steps:1. Go to Tools >> Addons >> get Addons
2. In the Search Box, enter “rss” and press the Enter Key.
3. In the list of RSS readers, scroll down until you locate the entry for the
Bamboo Feed Reader software.
4. Press the link INSTALL and follow the onscreen instructions.
5. When installation is complete, press the link RESTART NOW

The Bamboo RSS reader is now installed.
The next step is to configure it with some RSS feeds.

To use the Bamboo Feed Reader with the Tips and Tricks Website

6. Go to Tools >> Bamboo Feed Reader
7. On the screen press the ADD option, and create a new Group.
8. Save the group with the name ATLANTIC WEBS, and press the ADD option on the bottom.
9. You will be returned to the ADD Screen. Now select SUBSCRIBE FROM AN ADDRESS.
10. In the URL field, enter and press the Enter key.
11. On the next screen, you will see a number of links you can select.
Choose the one syndication.php
12. Press the SELECT option
13. Press the ADD option

The RSS reader will now display for you the unread articles.

Contact if there are any questions about these instructions.